Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tired of trails photos yet?

Well tuff shit!!! That's all you're getting here. Ha ha hahahahahhahahahaha.
Super fun session tonight with Eric and Brian Block and Holt Pro Kyle. We attempted to go to the secret Kzoo trails but apparently they got rained out--which is crazy because they are about ten miles from here. First, Sean Newton photos from Kzoo: This one is actually Sean. Don't know who took it, I wasn't there.
Trail boss Chris Ballard. Comin' in hot. The jumps look fun.
Tyler Deshaine, making Harry Leary proud with a Silver Streak no hander.

Kyle Barrows with a flaming toboggan at Birdland. Hail Satan! Eric Block drove an Alpha Romeo Spider all the way from Chicago to unleash this hot no-hander. He even did it twice. I was having all kind of flash issues tonight. This is kind of a dead sailor, but at least it's not another damn half-euro table. Kyle shot that one.

Now this is a Euro Table. This pic of Brian Block almost makes up for all the shitty photos I took tonight.
We rode until it was really much too dark to be hitting dirt jumps... Riding with the Block brothers has always been awesome. I'm glad to have had the chance again....


Sean said...

So good!

Chris said...

haha rain was not really an issue. it was kind of weird, you never felt rain until you were in the air off the second set. Once you landed you were dry again. it was crazy. i love that thick canopy.

jason said...

Not tiring of the trails photos at all. From woodsy shots, to gap fire shots, to really sweet tables, I like them all.