Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trails is shouting

I keep seeing that shirt that says "Trails Is Shouting". I like that...
Secret hideaway Kalamazoo trails.

Jason Burton at the River's Edge.

Grizzlies 09 updates. Holy shit.

Ann Arbor public trails.
I checked out the A2 trails yesterday and they looked fun. It had just poured rain an hour earlier and they were almost rideable. I'll be back.
Dug at Birdland this morning. Most people are cursing the rain. Trail nerds rejoice when it rains after a dry spell.


Chris said...

trails are what its all about. you have to come back out to the secret hideaway trails soon.. that being said we need to come up with a name.. third set is turning into a hell of a fun jump..

BRYAN said...

dude those secret hideaway trails look amazing... i rode the ann arbor trails with bucy and a whole bunch of people last week and there fun as hell.

Anonymous said...

The name of the secret hideaway trails is Arcadia. and i agree with Chris you should come out soon. things are happening out there.