Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm on my own Endless Summer so I'm kind of perpetually on vacations.

That's my favorite quote from the Chris Moeller interview on the EXPN site. Chris, and S&M bikes, are among my very favorites. I poached this photo from the Innerweb on a site called Who would have thought that ESPN would have such awesome content on their site. They have Brian Tunney, Cody York, Mark Noble and Stephen Crandall among their contributors and I find myself reading something great on that site almost daily.
Here's a photo of my new e mail friend, Mike Mchaud, from Maine. Never met the dude, but he's into stuff I like: BMX bikes, motorcycles and vintage vans, so Mike's alright in my book...

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Nick Ferreira said...

Fuck Yeah! Mike is the fucking man! The ESPN site is the best site in BMX