Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Buck Chocklit Band

The White Lotus came out today to dig and the subject of Fuzzy's jumps from Road Fools 2 came up. I credit both Road Fools 1 and 2 for steering me in the right direction when I got back into BMX in the late 90s. Both videos are so good and so full of character and exceptional riding that they are timeless classics for me and although I've watched them both countless times, they never get old. I put in RF2 tonight. The footage from Fuzzys is inspiring in many ways and one of the highlights of the whole video. Fuzzy rules his own roost and their are plenty of layout ideas to take from the efficient set up in his backyard. This video features the first coverage of a very young Mike Aitken as well. The Jimmy Levan crash is still very hard to watch, however...
I am by no means bragging but I will go out on the proverbial limb to say that anyone who rode Birdland last year is going to freak out when they see it now. The existing jumps are running great and the new stuff is really coming together. I have have yet to jump the new "big" (that is a relative term) but I'm not freaking out about it. I watched through the windows tonight as Luke flowed through the whole set and even around his new berm that he dug by himself in like, an hour. Dude is a human Bobcat. I went out to ride for a bit after he left but knocked my new seat halfway off he rails (just improper installation I hope) after three runs and had to call it a night. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and I will make the most of it this week before my work schedule becomes insane again....

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