Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2:45 am

that's the time my phone started ringing here at the fabulous Super 8 in Columbus, Ohio. I thought my watch said quarter of nine (I was a little out of it). I didn't answer my phone because someone was knocking at my door. Ah yes, the police. My van was broken into. They took some backpacks with sample hats, a box of posters with two skate decks in it and my GPS. They took a bag of size 9 shoe samples (all lefts) too, but ditched them in the bushes. The dumb asses left my $1500 bike in the back. Fucking criminals are so dumb.
Ironically, I took this photo earlier tonight, stoked that my van was right outside my window on the first floor and right under a light in the parking lot.
Even cooler was when I tried to go back to my room, the key wouldn't work and the manager had left for some reason. I left my phone in the room too. Fucking A.
Why am I blogging about this at quarter of four in the morning?
I don't know what else to do. Two more days on the road. Awesome. I hope it doesn't rain.


Landen said...

I hate thieves so much. Sounds like a really crappy night. Like more crappy than the usual crappy one. Drive safe man.

jason said...

That sucks, I feel for you and I'm glad they didn't jack your bike.

Anonymous said...

damn scott. total bummer. good thing they left the bike. i hope the rest of the trip goes well. safe travels my friend.

McGoo said...

When it rains, it pours. Literally. I'm sure the darkest clouds are behind you, however. Keep you rchin up, Mr. Towne