Friday, March 6, 2009

270 berm 2008-2009 R.I.P.

The 270 berm was a part of Birdland that never really worked. I rebuilt the damn thing countless times and it still sucked. A photo of a French snake berm in the much coveted Trails Issue of Dig inspired this rebuild. There is still a bit of a hump at the end of the first half of the berm. The ground was still frozen a few inches down so I could only dig so far. Test runs on un-packed dirt on my "freeride" MTB proved the "French Snake" to be much more managable than the 270 ever was. Welcome to Birdland 3.0.

Kzoo outdoor opened yesterday, a month earlier than usual. So stoked to get a half hour in today. That's ever-local Josh with a nice one over the hip in the fresh, warm air. Spring may not be officially here, but days like today got the wheels in motion.

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Landen said...

Honestly words cannot describe how much riding there the past two days meant to all of us.