Sunday, February 15, 2009

White Lotus and white shoes

Sean Newton sent these photos of the White Lotus over. The first one was taken at the Dowagiac jam in October 07, where he's letting go a long way out during the fly-out challenge. The super floater was at Birdland about a year later. Solan Foster named Luke McGarry the White Lotus because of his omnipresence at any session. He simply appears and is at once ripping like no one else. The Lotus helped out a lot at Birdland this fall and I appreciate his vision and work ethic very much.
I've been doing my MTB laps around the perimeter of Birdland the last couple of days and really studying the layout and making plans. I have a list of improvements that I will start on as soon as the the ground thaws even a little bit. I want to build a couple of hips and link together some more lines. I can't wait.

Here's a pic of my real new tattoo. Like much of my "ink", it is inspired by a song lyric. "We Got that Attitude" is from the Bad Brains song, "Attitude". Not even proper grammar. Damn.
I painted these shoes and they are up for auction on Ebay. You can click on the pic for the link.

I always say I don't like web videos but I guess I'm a liar, because here's another one. It features Taj at Rays and it is so good. I rewound the part where he flips upside down and lands on his head out of the curved wall ride so many times and I still don't understand what happened (or how he continued to ride afterward!).

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LAPL Xerox said...

Sweet new tat Scott!