Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mr Highfield

I had a teacher in high school, Mr. Highfield, who was the "cool teacher". He was an older guy with a reputation for being a pushover and "fail proof". He taught Civil Studies of some sort and he was definitely lenient, but you still had to pay attention or he would call you out, one way or another. Case in point. I was reading the bible--rather, Bicycle Motocross Action, in his class one day. "Hife" nonchalantly walked over to my desk and without breaking stride, picked up my magazine and much to my horror, tore a page from it and posted it on the wall. He said something like "that's pretty wild stuff right there". I know that he didn't know my name and didn't really acknowledge me as he did this. I couldn't really say anything, as I was busted reading a magazine in class. Somehow, I ended up with two copies of that issue and kept the second one intact. I never, ever, cut out pictures or damaged my magazines in any way. This was the page he tore out:
RL Osborn, Schwinn SX 1000 test. 1979.


jason said...

It's harsh that he ripped the page out but it sounds like he didn't just ridicule BMX, so that's kind of cool. I really like that photo and I'm partial to the SX1000; that was my first real BMX bike. I still have the frame, but it's in rough shape. I also think I've got that magazine. I'm going to look for it.

Delivererer said...

I neglected to mention that he left the pic on the wall for the rest of the semester!