Sunday, January 4, 2009

Artist's rendering

I was in a band called The Deconstruction for a long time. I sent the bass player an Xmas card and he sent met this....
We went on an extensive tour of the southeast in 1995 and this was drawn by someone at the Ft Lauderdale, Florida stop. It's pretty accurate, as I remember it. Guitarist Sean with his back to the audience, me drapped over the mic stand, drummer Josh going crazy and Alan, the bassist and straight man of the act, handling business. A lot of these shows were horrible, mid-week at some crappy club or someone's garage, but some of them were quite legit. This one was at a cool bar, with lots of people, free drinks for us (!!!) and we got paid. There's always a catch--we had to be in Pensacola the next afternoon, which was something like 10 hours away if I recall correctly. We bounced early and drove to what was the worst show of the trip.

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JV said...

Let's hear some of that shit!