Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creepy videos.

Sean Newton sent me this. I'm creeped out by it on a few levels. It was taken at the Kalamazoo public park, some time this fall. I rode the park exactly one time for no more than fifteen minutes. There were only a couple other people skating there and I don't remember anyone filming. What you see here is probably almost half of the riding I did while there. Why it was filmed and why it was posted are both bizarre questions. Whatever.
My good buddy Jeff V. had a close call at work last week. He works for the Indiana power company and I've mentioned his job hazards before. He was in a crane bucket, over a hundred feet off the ground, when the operator turned it left when it should have been right, pinning Jeff between a cable and the bucket. The situation worsened to the point where he literally could have been cut in half, but another series of errors sent him out of the bucket, dangling upside down, still over a hundred feet above I-94. Insane. He finally made it safely back to earth. Holy shit. Jeff rules and is one of the most skilled people on wheels I've ever witnessed. He can wheelie anything... This Bud's for you, bud.
I got a copy of the new Shadow Conspiracy video from Ernesto at Dans last week. Shit is sick!
I'm in Vegas for a tradeshow right now. I'm literally in a convention center, with thousands of snowboard kooks, as I type this. At least I'm not pinned beneath the arm of a 300 pound man in the center seat of an airplane like I was a day ago at this time.


Smitty said...

Doesn't that video appear to have been taken from the driver's seat of a parked car? That is creepy. Alert the authorities.

Delivererer said...

no, there is no parking area from that perspective. SOmeone on the deck. yikes.