Monday, December 15, 2008

Yule tide greetings

I've been so into riding lately. I made a loop around the perimeter of Birdland that I've been doing laps around on my 29er (that's a 29-inch wheeled mountain bike for you BMXicans). It's a pretty intense workout and it's good to breathe some fresh, cold air. I've done my laps every day for the last week except yesterday, because it was 40 degrees and raining and today, because it was 16 degrees and snowing like crazy. Michigan weather is wonderful.
I've been riding the barn a lot too. I rebuilt the weird wedge/quarter thing on Saturday night, then took it apart last night and just rode the small wedge part. I put this bike together recently and it's been fun. Front brakes and a super-slack freecoaster? Hairball. I rode it at Kzoo today and did a couple things that I couldn't have with my regular bike.
I end up with getups like this one a lot. Trade the Guiness shorts for jeans and it's a normal outfit, but a couple switches and some battered, white legs and it's a disaster. Call the fashion police, quick. Also note the lack of ornaments on the lower half of the tree. It took Mickey and Donald all of five minutes to start pulling them off the tree, breaking them, putting them in their mouths, etc. My poor wife.

200.4 pounds!

Rays on 12/28!

Buy a shirt from Dans.

Also, there was some confusion about my posts regarding the website. I had no plan to do away with this blog, just the Deliverance Clothing main page--but that is back now too, apparently most people were still going through that page to get to this one. Noted, thanks.

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