Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vegas baby!

Sin City! I love this place. I'm high-rollin' dog! droppin' C-notes at the tables, sippin' Dom and keepin' my crew in line, dog!
Okay, not even close. I got here just in time to go to bed last night and had nine hours of meetings today. We could be in Detroit, Japan or LA and it would be the same, except you can't smoke inside in LA.
Kim Boyle is Awesome. One time we were in Vegas for Interbike and my friend, we'll call him "Jed", was so out of his mind. It would take me an hour to recount the tale, but it involved inane amounts of Vodka, lost credit cards, $400 sunglass purchases, semi-homosexual behavior from bike industry types, and a pitch-blackness 4 am screaming freak out between McGoo and Jed. One of the nuttier nights I've ever experienced. Ever.
I'm off to see the Blue Man group...


Harold McGruther said...

I remember that night like it was 27 years ago.

That night added 27 years to my life.

I wish I was in Vegas to commiserate with you, Scott.

I used to LOVE vegas. Now I refuse to go except for business.

BCM said...

OH MAN, that night! I was the last one to come in and had achieved a similar mindset as "Jed" then I stepped on "Jed" trying to find my sleeping area that lit the whole room up all over again.
I love vegas! But only for pleasure and I'm only good for 48 hours max.