Thursday, December 4, 2008

sensitive artist

The final installment of the Lightning Bolts art show is this weekend in LA. I'm so close to LA right now that I entertained the idea of going, but going home is priority number one right now. I know I've written a lot about this art show in the past and I maintain that it is one of the biggest honors of my life to be involved. BMX brought my life together. Bikes were my escape and became my reality. BMX gave me identity, pride and self-confidence that I lacked in every other area of my life. It made me me. To this day, the influence of Bob Haro contributes to almost every aspect of my BMX life. From this "Project", it's associated product, my riding and the pure elements of style that Bob and his work, riding and influence brought to the table.
The pieces (plates) are going to be sold with the funds going to the Athlete Recovery Fund, which is huge. Plate number 77 is mine, click on it for details and my "artists statement".

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