Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Kzoo...

I overlooked some things on that Kalamazoo site from the previous post. There are photos of Cosmic Waves skatepark!
If you read my post a few days ago where I talked about how Eddie Hux stalled out and rolled backward into the bowl, it was right here!!! This photo doesn't do this bowl justice. It was huge. Look at that snake run! It was basically impossible to navigate (at least with my 1980 skills), but I've thought about it many times since, convinced that you could jump the hips. This photo confirms that. I have memories (and boring stories) about so many Kalamazoo spots. The Walgreens, which closed a few years ago, was right across the downtown mall from Piranha Alley. We went there several times a day. I saw a guy who had just collapsed (and died) on the floor on Christmas Eve. Terrible.

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