Monday, November 3, 2008

Life on Mars

If a random hiker or some dude off the street wandered into the woods and found Jeff DeGryse and UP Mike's trails, I can't imagine what they would even think they were for. If you told Citizen Joe that these gigantic mounds of dirt were for riding bicycles, he would probably have a hard time wrapping his mind around riding up and down each of the steep peaks. No normal person would ever consider for a second that someone would jump from one of these mounds to the next one in line down the hill. These things are just ridiculous. The biggest jump at Birdland would fit between most of the jumps here.
UP Mike, headed down the path.
Jeff DeGryse, bringin' it home.
Matt Sivalleli is a veteran of huge jumps and tamed these bad boys with style.If the jumps aren't huge, they are so incredibly complex that there is no margin for error. DeGryse buzzes the tree over "Lurch".Jeremy (here) and Jared Ball were a part of the small crew riding the jumps. Plenty of spectating going on, let me tell you... Ted Van Orman spent a lot of time off his bike in the last couple years, due to knee surgery, but you wouldn't have known it. TVO is a joy to watch. Effortless style and he goes so high.
Saturday saw day one of this Red Bull sponsored series at his 248 trails in Rochester. .Matt "Squirrel" Sivalleli has outlasted the original owner of his nickname by a few years at this point.
DeGryse carving the big berm at speed.
So, DeGryse 360ed the last set. Amazing, right? He and Ted decided to train each other and both do it. Several times. Whatever. I blew the shot of their best run but it's among Sean Newton's always awesome FlickR presentation here....


Jeffrey said...

While you are cuddled up with your teddy bear, what is Scott Towne doing at 6:10 a.m.? Documenting one hell of a good time, that's for sure! Props to everyone who made it to "248" or
"TheGrizzlies." Good Rippin' with freshly cut Michigan home slices!
-Mustache Mick

BCM said...

Holy Crap!

PJD said...

WOW, impressive set up.