Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rigged Contraptions

wow, more stupid pics from Birdland? Renovations and construction in full swing. The White Lotus and Tyler Deshaine have both been slingin' dirt the last few days. I dug a whole landing two nights ago in pitch darkness with the miner's light on. We decided a lower take off lip on the spox would be better and Ty dialed it in. I added the ornamental rocks. Fall weather and some good rains lately are huge motivating factors. I hung out at Spring Valley Motors last night, which is where I get my van worked on. They have "motorcycle night" on Tuesday. I don't know why it took me so long to go to that, but it was good. I took the little Honda and got some helpful input. If you look in the background of the Spox pic, you'll see smoke coming from the fire pit. There is an exhaust system under hot coals in there, being "decarbonized". Hopefully that will get the Honda running at full power. There were lots of nice vintage bikes there last night, as well as an eclectic cast of characters. The bike in the pic is a BSA Bantam. Super cool. I always pride myself in being able to decipher initials (clearly something I picked up in my early BMX years, "needing to know" what DG, FMF, SE, R&R, CW, TW and WFO all meant). I was slightly embarrassed to read a small emblem on one of the BSAs that read "Birmingham Small Arms". I always thought it was "British Small Arms". There's an interview in the new Ride UK with the owner of BSD, a Scottish company uses the BSA logo and they talk about the initials. I'm getting far off topic here, aren't I? What topic? There is no topic.
One topic I keep forgetting to post about the is the Ruben Alcantara "Firsthand" episode on Fuel TV. Most of the Firsthand shows I have seen have been interesting, but the Ruben edit is so good. Good even beyond the amazing star, with footage of PA trails and quotes from legends. Look for it. It was produced by Mike Manzoori, who works for Etnies and did the Grounded legwork. Shameless plug?
Davey Coop may be riding this out for the Fall Nationals. He says he'll ride one of my "Rigged Contraptions" if he can't find a chase van to bring his bike. Tuff Wheels look so cool. In the early 80s, if you had graphite Tuffs, you were king shit. I still like the way they look, but they still suck. They flex like crazy and brakes don't work. These particular models have loose ball bearings too, which are just ridiculous to deal with at this point in technological bicycle advancements.
In my further attempt to be all over the board with this post, I took this pic at the gas station today. I'm going to state that the STP logo is the first graphic design I ever got stoked about. I remember as a really little kid wanting an STP sticker or shirt. It stands the test of time, but it's been bastardized and misused so many different ways over the years, it loses some of its appeal. Apparently I'm not the only one who likes it. New Deliverance product later today?


BCM said...

Great new header pic!

Smitty said...

STP was the shit back in 1976, thanks to Richard Petty. I didn't pay any attention to Stock Cars, but I knew that much. There's some kind of marketing/advertising lesson in there somewhere, if anyone hasn't learned it already.