Friday, October 31, 2008

F&*K this, Let's Ride!

Job stress, bad economy (everywhere, including at home) and a week of Mondays. I'm over it. I did get a couple sessions in though, and I ain't mad about it. I stopped at the Charlotte park on Wednesday and Jeff Degryse and UP Mike showed up while I was there (long shot?). Degryse rules it everywhere, of course. The camera phone is not ideal for action shots....
They are having a trail jam Sunday in Kalamazoo.
I got to ride Kzoo for a bit yesterday, with the White Lotus. He killed it, of course.Again with the camera phone accuracy.
Crandall with his Halloween costume. He's the Skullmet! It took me a bit to figure that one out. Crandall RULES.

My favorite non-BMX magazine says it perfectly. It's a beautiful day and Birdland is going to be closed for the season soon...

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