Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bridge out!

Some of you might be stunned at this, but I know a few dudes that are breathing a sigh of relief at the idea of being able to "test out" a jump. When you're 40+ and you have kids and a job to feed, the idea of getting broked off on some dirt jumps is not very comforting. The bridge over the gap is merely an artist's rendition in this pic, but the work has already been done and the wood is in place. If you took a run from that roll-in you would quickly understand why. Shit comes up quick! Kelly Baker was amazed by the cactus growing in our Northern climate so I wanted to point out its proximity to the new jumps. Grandpa Mountain? I wanted "Upper Birdland" to be the mellow warm up spot but with the short run-ways and tight layout, it was anything but. Some "landscape timbers" in place and everyone can ride it. Meanwhile, back on the main-line, the jumps are so friggin' awesome!!! After a week of work and rain, Tyler D, Sean Newtron and myself gimped our way through the still-kinda-softness on Friday, but the few runs I got in this weekend felt fabulous. We made lots of progress this past week but it's all going to grind to a halt this week as I have to hit the road. The weather report shows sunny days for later in the week and let's hope it holds out for the fall nationals.
New Shirts are here! This is the "Crandyman" hooded zip-up, named for the kick ass dude that got more coverage for Deliverance with the old version of this sweatshirt than anyone. Here's the back print, which came out really good, I think. Ironically, the Crandyman himself helped to dial this artwork at the 11th hour. Thanks Steve! Shooting pics of shirts with no one wearing them is hard. Here's my wife, modeling the hoodie while she shreds the driveway. Gail is a successful attorney, wonderful wife and a super-mommy, but I think making some successful runs on a skateboard meant more to her yesterday than most people would imagine.
Rocky Flair Jr. wanted to model the new Skullmet tee but his shoulders were too small to keep it on his back. Whoa, wait, is that tye-dyed? Holy shit. Here's the graphic up-close, in the non tye dye version. Now's your chance to make a difference in the world. Scroll down and vote... Here are some Etnies that I done did up for Catfish. I haven't heard from him yet, so either he is out of town or he hates them. I was pretty stoked on how they came out. Gawdy as hell, but...well, so am I and they are for Catfish, after all. In other non-news, I love the Stooges.

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Smitty said...

I've been waiting for this 77 sweatshirt reissue. Nice. Hope you sell out quickly.