Monday, October 27, 2008

8th Grade Minds think alike?

I know it's a bit suspect to profess my man-love about my friend's blog in my already questionable internet journal, but I love Kim Boyle's BCM jottings. I wasn't very surprised but definitely feeling his latest post about his affection for mag wheels.
I tuffed-out the seven-spokers for my forthcoming Yamaha project a month or so back. Man-love or Mag-love? We have more in common than wheels--I'm down with his album covers on his site too. I kind of almost got to see Devo last weekend, but totally blew it by not knowing about it until the day of and that whole running-out-of-gas thing didn't help matters.


BCM said...

Oh yes, You have the Mag Fever!!!

I've got an XS400 a brewin.....

PJD said...

Stupid me commented in the wrong post. See above on the Surf punks JFA and Black Flag.

Like the blog, cool bikes tunes etc.