Tuesday, September 23, 2008

working man blues

My buddy Jeff V works for the power company in Indiana. He sometimes works 24 hour shifts and has to deal with all the worst case scenarios that we citizens dread, like storms and floods. He was on flood duty all last week and ended up getting sick on top of helping people whose lives had just been turned upside down. Hats off to you buddy and get well soon. It's easy to take things like power for granted when they are working but what a wake up freak out it is when they aren't.
Back in my fantasy world, SeanNewtonPhotography.org and the White Lotus joined me for a last day of summer session at Birdland Sunday. Besides Noah bonking himself on the head with a rock and bleeding, we all had a good time. The first over-under was finally put to use in almost total darkness (8 o'clock! dammit). Stay tuned for details on the Birdland Fall Nationals. Photo by Sean, of course. You can see I'm cracking up in the photo. I always laugh when I'm scared.


treebikeco said...

f yeah scott towne

solan said...

Fall national's detriot cobras are in.the over under pic is awsome!!