Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This really is the high life...

An amazing weekend. The Baker family got here from New York on Friday night. We got up early Saturday and had a full day of action. Kelly scared the piss out of me (literally) by about 10:30 am with a scary endo. His son Benny went over the bars a little later and scared himself, but he's as tough as his old man. I can't even put into words how special and great it was to have them here, so I will just talk about the "Grand Prix". It was funny, Kelly said something about fixing the jumps "tomorrow" at about five in the afternoon after lots of riding had already gone down, thinking we were wrapping up the session. My reply was something like "we'd better do it now, because people are going to start showing up". New Kzoo local Chris had been there for a minute, then Turbo Todd Britton showed. Soon after, Jeff DeGryse, Dave Moon, UP Mike and Steamer Dan showed up and went right to work dialing in the jumps. It was an awesome evening of BMX. The White Lotus showed after his ambulance duty was over for the day and I'm happy to report that his paramedic skills were not required (although his pitch-darkness miner's light run seemed the most likely candidate for bodily harm). My father-in-law, Ray came by and dropped off wood for the fire. A little while and a lot of beers later, Ray recruited sober Steamer to drive and two lumberjacks to accompany him on a firewood mission and returned fifteen minutes later with gigantic logs (no idea still where they came from but I haven't heard from any angry neighbors). I kind of jokingly protested that we didn't need to burn a tree trunk at that point in the night but it went in anyway. Thankfully, UP Mike pulled my father's day hammock over and babysat the burning log until morning. It was still burning the following night. In fact, it was still burning by the time the Bakers got back to New York on Monday morning. I could go on and on but I'll let the photos do the talking...Noah Simon Towne waves the flag to start the GP.
Clint and Benny Baker rode the jumps (between skateboard runs, water balloon fights and popsicles) for about ten hours. Rad Dad photo.
Molly got some laps in on the PW 50 the Bakers brought along.Despite what these photos would indicate, Kelly did make several laps on a normal bike in regular clothes.
High Life inspired fire-vaulting.
High Life fueled pit-bike launch. My memory card was full so he did it a second time, no sweat. Dude lives for danger.
UP Mike leads DeGryse over the first set, scaring the old guys (Turbo and KB). Cruiser Class action by DeGryse. This could be a BMX Plus cover shot.One footed old manery. Nice hat. KB photo.
Blazing fire and blasted airs, Ladies and Gentlemen, the White Lotus. Luke was the only person there that had ridden Birdland before. Cool that it was a whole new crew.
DeGryse leads UP in on this one.

Jeff DeGryse likely has more in common with Travis Bickle than the haircut. 270 berm buster.
Baker gets the shot! Kelly puts big effort into his shots and it shows--just look at this one of Luke...

Last call! The White Lotus made most of a lap with just the miner's light and the white spots in his eyes from my flash. It was crazy.

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Jeffrey said...

Good times where had by all! That night was a perfect description of what happens when you mix positive attitudes, High Life, BMX, and good ole' people together. Thanks Scott for the hospitality.