Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"What's up now, grandpa's got street skills"

The Props Road Fools series are consistently my favorite BMX videos. In fact, I just watched Road Fools 1 on Monday night. I credit Road Fools 1 & 2 with getting me up to speed on modern bike riding when I got back into it in '98. Yesterday I got Road Fools 16 in the mail and it is really good. There areplenty of gnarly crashes, which is testimony to the difficulty and levels of danger these guys are operating within. The music is good, there is lots of funny stuff and kick ass bike riding. It's too good to watch on the web, but you can find a trailer here... The Levi's logo displayed in the corner of the screen for the entire thing is kind of weird, but it's okay. Companies like Levi's and Red Bull can pump all the money they want into BMX. My man Catfish does a pretty burly rail and has the quote of the whole movie (above)...

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