Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain Man

I have to say it seems weird even to me, but I am stoked today because it is pouring rain. I've become a full on trail nerd. I hardly ever go to the skatepark any more and instead, choose to stay at home and dig in the dirt. After the last couple "jams" I kind of took a break from the jumps but I am so fired up now. I have already built and ridden what instantly became my favorite hit at Birdland. You now have the option of hipping right or left here and the new left line feels so good. I've laid out the next section of the trails too--Upper Birdland. And yes, it is pouring rain in the photo. I bought a new "world's best shovel", traditional spade style. It is awesome, but it weighs about fifteen pounds with no dirt in it. As if digging wasn't a big enough work out before...

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