Thursday, September 18, 2008

Handymen of the old frontier

Well, the rustic roll-in I envisioned, built entirely of found, fallen timber, is looking much more sophisticated as it comes together. The fact that there are very few non-pine trees on our property made it much easier to just spend forty bucks on wood at the home depo. Sean Newton has been my "warehouse manager" this week and doing a kick ass job of organizing my barn and has already improved my quality of work-life. Thanks, Sean. We happened upon one Luke McGarry, who was riding his bike down the street, as we went into town for supplies today and drafted him into service. The White Lotus can handle a chainsaw, level and BMX type bicycle all with equal expertise. The roll-in is set to provide a pedal-less introduction to Upper Birdville and most likely, a kick ass fort for two young boys. Where's the beef? Four-piece bars are gross.

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BCM said...


I'm thinking Thursday in, Friday out?
last time we did interbike I stepped all over Ed Novak in the wee hours of the morning trying to find a place to sleep.