Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sean Newton takes great photos. He's also a great rider. Here's a shot of him from Birdland Sunday night. I snapped the shutter, but Sean set up the controls before jumping into the pilot's seat. He's gonna freak when he sees what is next in line after the hip he is hitting here. Getting photo credit is a huge deal to photographers. I make a big deal about it myself. I was very pleased to see my name in the photo credits of the new Dig as well at the end of the FBM Gypsy tour DVD. I took a bunch of photos. This one ran in Dig and is one of my favorite pics, ever. Isaac Groundchuck Mcrea, a few beers deep, on Mike Tag's Honda, with Marbles the Fox. Leland Thurman Avenue, Louisville suburbs. May 2008.

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Landen said...

Thanks for the kind words mr. towne.