Thursday, August 28, 2008

you think you're bad cuz you got a cell phone?

shheeeeiiiiittt, I got three. So ridiculous. Only one works, you can be sure of that. And speaking of ridiculous, I shouldn't even tell you this story.... So I was driving home yesterday and I heard this awesome clip on the radio of Jackie Gleason from Smokey and the Bandit. I thought "that would be a great voice mail message for my new phone). When I got home I did a Google search for Smokey and the Bandit sound bytes. I found a site that had a couple, but I was looking for the "boy, when we get home, remind me to slap your mother" classic. I did end up using a Billy Bob line from Slingblade. I found some other good ones but I had to leave to get a tooth pulled, which is another brutal story. Kids, get your wisdom teeth pulled when you're supposed to (don't wait 15 years) and lay off the Mountain Dew. Anyway, my hilariously clever sound byte caused some kind of insane spyware infiltration that has all but destroyed my desktop. It won't even start in "safe mode" at this point. A crazy, non-windows error comes up and it just keeps re-starting, without ever actually starting. Killer. Kids, stay away from the spyware. Lesson learned? Time to buy a Mac... The Miller High Life Grand Prix is saturday, 4-ish. Send me an e mail (it's on the home page) for directions or an address....

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