Thursday, August 21, 2008

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I'm not the jealous/envious type, but I have to admit that Kzoo Bill's new ride has me a bit green. His new Triumph Bonneville is the exact bike I had decided was the one for me a couple years ago. Congrats, Ferg, that thing is awesome.
I went down riding Birdland tonight. A rushed session, trying to get some runs in before the ever-increasing onset of darkness and dry conditions, combined with a touch of squirrelly-ness resulted in me going down in turn one. Contusions and a hipper are the worst of it. I shook it off and got some laps in. The Stox is super fun.
You can disregard my request for cell phone numbers, they all transferred over after my new phone dialing-in was complete.
Stay tuned for more ramblings regarding the Olympics....

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edwinnovak said...

Hey Skipper, What about the Dream, the Honda Dream...e