Thursday, August 14, 2008

The new Modern park.

Here is a super low-quality video I shot with my cell phone. Think about that, I filmed a little movie with my phone. It also took me about a half an hour to edit it, complete with titles and music and everything. In the mid-90s I took a class at Kalamazoo Cable Access and learned how to edit videos. The process was tedious and took forever, rolling tape, making edits, saving it to a crazy, giant master tape. Things are so much easier now. Every time I get frustrated because my e mail takes too long to load into my cell phone, I have to remind myself that I am sending and receiving written messages via a little box that fits into my pocket that I can also talk to people with.
Anyway, the new Modern park is absolutely insane. It has a lot of the same ramps from the old park, including the wonderful hips, the hipped bowl corner thing and the perfect quarter pipes. There are big box jumps, wall-rides, crazy ledges, stairs, a huge mini-ramp (oxymoron) and the bowl you see featured in the video. As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do, but George is claiming the end of the month.... I'm glad I don't live in Detroit anymore, but I wish I were closer to this place!!!

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