Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going Postal

I've received some rad stuff via post lately...

The long-awaited and much anticipated Freestylin' book. It's everything I hoped it would be. Having "been there" for a lot of it, it means even more to me. It's amazing. Good luck finding one though--If I can gripe about one thing, it's the ultra-limited availability. You can see it on-line at 23 A nice consolation at least.
I also received an old-fashioned paper-printed zine (the 80s equivalent of this stupid blog, only much more work). I have done a few zines over the years and they are a ton of work, hard to distribute and sometimes less than rewarding for the creator. All of those factors make the existence of one, especially in this technological world, all the more special. Much props to Nick Ferreira and his HoleShot zine. Skating and BMX too, ebony and ivory, bro. I also got the FBM Gypsy Caravan double DVD (that's one way to keep it off the net, make it an hour and a half long!!!). I was afraid it would get bogged down with too much of everything--Megaload, you know? No way, every section is unique and cool in it's own way. Good times and good BMX. That's a good combo, don'tcha think? I hate lame, made up contractions of words. Hate is a nasty word. Don't like. Very much. Gotta run.

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